Big bird in the sky

February 2016

I’ve been planning a trip to India for over a year. Over a year of searching flights, setting email alerts, reading travel blogs, buying conservative clothes, and dreaming of monuments that are older than the country I live in. It all started because I desperately missed my best friend Priyanka. We worked together in a kitchen at a hotel in Boulder. We were instant best friends..well she doesn’t know that but I did at the time. I had been struggling at this kitchen job because of a high turnover of coworkers and lack of management. Pri came in as an intern and worked her little butt off. She just wanted to cook beautiful food in a clean kitchen. So basically she’s my sista from another mista.

I am also going to my college roommate’s wedding to a friend she’s been dating since college! I can’t wait to reunite with her and old friends in ANOTHER COUNTRY. Talk about reunion.

I couldn’t imagine going on this trip with anyone but my 2 besties- Bailey and Molly. I’ve been friends with them a ridiculously long time. They’ve seen me lose my mind at times and somehow still love me.  Stay tuned for LOTS of food pics from the journey.