We Made It to India!!!

Over twenty-four hours later…we are in Bangalore, India!!! I haven’t had wifi or service since the plane in Newark, which I used to publish my last post. And then we almost didn’t make our international flight from Newark to Mumbai. By almost didn’t make it I mean we were running, screaming, and pushing people out of the way. If Molly hadn’t been there to refuse to get on the plane without, and if there hadn’t been 6 people on our Denver flight  trying to get to the same flight, they definitely would’ve left us. There were 5 people on standby and the flight the next day was sold out, so we would’ve missed out on 2 whole days in Bangalore. I cried when we got on that dang plane. We made that flight delayed by 30 minutes but it was totally worth all the stares.

Within 30 minutes, we were served a hot meal and free wine. I was ravenous. The meat option was turkey meatloaf with barbecue sauce and the vegetarian was Indian so all 3 of us picked the vegetarian. Such a good choice! We had saag paneer, basmati rice, and dal. For airplane food, I was extremely impressed. I love that we had an early and delicious introduction to the amazing journey we were embarking on.
I didn’t get pictures of the breakfast 14 hours later because I was reaching plane delirium but vegetarian was samosas with some weird chewy grain and meat was scrambled eggs and potatoes. Both were good.

We finally arrived in Mumbai and went through customs where we had to grab our bags and go through security again which wasn’t too bad since it was 10 o’clock at night. But then we kept following signs for “domestic transfers” after rechecking our bags for the Mumbai to Bangalore plane and kept getting turned around. Finally someone told us that we had to get on a shuttle to get to the terminal where our gate was. Then we get to the terminal to find that everything is shutting down and our plane doesn’t leave for another 5 hours. We go through security in hopes that there are more food places open only to find that there’s an overpriced bar and a coffee shop. Oh and they’re cleaning all the bathrooms. We try to find comfy chairs to sleep in, but being the worry wart that I am, I had a hard time closing my eyes in a bustling airport we were unfamiliar with. Finally we board the Jet Airways, which turns out to be one of the nicest airplanes I’ve ever been on. They passed out chocolate and dressed like dolls. The seats were comfy. They served us breakfast even though it was 4 AM. Now we are meeting up with Priyanka to explore India and check into her aunt’s Airbnb.