Hey Y’all!

After sitting on the sidelines for 8 years since graduating college and culinary school, I, Kristi Tutt, have finally succumbed to building a website. I no longer want to be in the background of the food scene (even it’s just a small scene). It’s been a…rough…err…I mean a fun, exciting yet challenging learning experience. (cue music: James Brown’s “It’s a man’s world.” that I’m sure my free WordPress website has the borrowing rights to)  I’m finally in a place in my life where I’m becoming more confident in my cooking abilities every day. Instead of making you poor soul(s) read through a silly paragraph version of a bio, I’m going to interview myself and give short, sweet answers. Those who know me will understand the importance of this since I could have a long conversation with an invisible wall.

Place of origin: Shreveport, Louisiana

Current Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

When Did You Move Here: September 2010

Current Job:  I moved down to COlorado Springs from Denver in August 2016 for the most amazing, challenging, exciting, thrilling, satisfying, creatively inspired, French job I’ve ever had/wanted. The chef and Kid’s Program director at The French Kitchen Cooking School. We teach cooking classes, and I get to teach the kids (which is so much fun!). For the past 2 years, the owner’s been planning an expansion into a commercial facility in central Colorado Springs with a huge teaching kitchen, French cafe/bakery, and a kitchen boutique! Check out the website here:

Favorite Food: Hmph. There will never be just one. ::heavy exasperation with the interviewer:: Do you want them in categories, a list, or time of day?? olives, risotto, pizza, homemade pasta, ranch, chipotle Tabasco, Christmas ham, cannoli, cheese (any kind), red wine, sour cream, tzatziki, Chili’s chips and salsa, pistachio and cotton candy ice cream (separate not mixed)

Cooking Style: Slow, long, and never the same twice

Goal of this website: To enrich the souls of every human, puppy, and baby unicorn on the interweb with my sweet whispers of food appreciation

Best Cooking Abilities: Seasonings, poaching eggs, unique flavors, and in general- COMFORT (SAY HELL YES TO SECONDS) food

Worst Cooking Abilities: baking stupid brownies, not being able to add cayenne, gluten, butter, or chicken stock to everything, changing the recipe depending on my mood(ssss), plate presentation, decorating/piping pastries

In all seriousness, the ultimate goal of is to broaden my networking skills, prove to myself that I’m responsible enough to have a living, breathing website, and join the extremely petite and untouched food blogging scene…if this somehow leads to more (ffingherscrossseddandtypuionhg), then fantabulous!

If there’s something else you’re dying to know- feel free to ask!